Thursday, May 17, 2018

Witch Hunt

So even though after a year it should be less surprising at our president's hyperbolic egomaniacal statements, the most recent is cringe-worthy:

"The greatest witch hunt in American history."

So.... did he study history? Isn't there someone whose job it should be to just follow this moron around and fill him in on little bits of history so that eventually he quits claiming the largest and greatest and most phenomenal ----> whatever <-------- that's ever been seen. Because I've heard he's got a lot of money so he could definitely afford to hire that guy/gal. Probably a guy. Less pussy to grab.

Here is an example of witch hunts in American history:

All those steps in the top picture actually go 'round 3 sides of this small area, noting how many people -- truly innocent people -- were imprisoned and hanged. 

King Don, get over yourself! There are people in history that have actually suffered witch hunts....allow their stories the dignity of not being counted along with yours.