Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's become so clear that

my views and observations and opinions are not welcome on Facebook. At least by about half the people I know, and in most cases respect. The introduction of an idea outside the dogma of one's political or religious bent is just plan HERESY and is attacked with fervor and I can almost feel the spittle coming from their mouths as the words fly onto the screen.

I was told today that I have "changed", and "not for the better." To my mind, I've not changed but am currently and constantly changing, and I refuse to keep it a secret. My journey is MINE, to document and comment as I see fit, and to draw lines that restrict abusive words and behavior aimed my direction. 

So as the theme of my posts over the last year have been based on the idea of my "coming out" on matters big and small, I've just deleted everything before that and move forward with that idea. I hope to develop a following simply because there are matters that, when put into the arena of civil discourse, can be discussed in ways that benefit everyone who happens across it, especially if they add their own voice. Not their anger, hatred, piety, dogma, or bigotry. Because I will shut that shit down quicker than you can say SHARKNADO!

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