Thursday, July 20, 2017

Does it even matter

anymore? The two "factions" of our country have become so embroiled in one-upping each other that the truth plays no part.

THIS is the work of the Devil. To make truth irrelevant, inconvenient, and even subjective. Truth, THE truth, like math, is not subjective. What you believe about 4 and 4 plays absolutely no part in what they equal.

One thing, maybe the first thing, is that we need to stop believing and promoting the idea that our country is split in half. Half Republican, half Democrat....half conservative, half liberal....half Christian, half *other*..... ultimately, half wrong, half right.  We are millions of people, splintered in our beliefs about any given subject.

What is one thing you know to be true beyond the shadow of a doubt?

For me......(thinking.....)|
God, one true God and Creator, is real.

What about you?
Don't contradict what I say I believe....tell me what YOU believe.

Nitey nite!