Monday, February 6, 2017

I guess I am just amazed

 at the vast number of people... people I know and love, even... who believe our constitution to be more scripturally sound than the Scriptures themselves!!! I mean people! Read your damn Bibles! Read what Jesus Himself said about social responsibility, personal relationships, justice, homosexuality, religion, politics... our gospels speak volumes that are simply ignored by the "right," or "conservative" or "Republican" sects in favor of our constitutional "rights." What could possibly be more concrete a place to seat our beliefs than in the words of our Lord? The words of our "forefathers."

Yeah, if you consider yourself a Christian, our forefathers are Abraham, Isaac, Moses, David, and Solomon. And princely, in Christ Himself. Go and saturate yourself in their inspired words, and then re-evaluate your positions on those same issues today.

Because our American way of life began, not at the cross, but in the 17th century. It wasn't prophesied through the ages from the beginning of time. Therefore we must assume that, as with many ways of life, it is yet another that will not stand forever. It's not the way of life that God in His wisdom sought for His people. So, as Christians first, as believers in the One True God, what way of life should we be investing all our energy in? The answers to that are not found in decisions by the Supreme Court. They are found in the Bible. Perspective is everything.