Friday, August 18, 2017

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Coming out: The White Supremacy edition

Image of Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Image of Statue of Adolf Hitler standing in in Berlin.

Oh wait. It was decimated in 1945. It no longer stands there. And guess what? It wasn't replaced with a shiny new one. I wonder why?

The image on the top stands as the reminder the world needs. And we don't need a statue of Hitler to remember who was responsible or what evils were perpetrated.

I hate applying these same standards to Robert E. Lee, because I'm a southerner and I have held fast to my southern heritage as something to be proud of. I've downplayed the fact that many of my ancestors kept slaves as "Everyone did." I've researched numerous ancestors who were actually Confederate soldiers, and with that information I was qualified to join the Daughters of the Confederacy, and even attended one of their meetings. I never finished the paperwork and I marked it down to being too busy, but that wasn't really the truth.

For years I've justified being proud of Confederate ancestors by declaring that they fought for what they believed in, and besides had I been alive at any point during the years of slavery, I would have objected to it just as I presently object to abortion. I've therefore washed my hands clean of something I never really sullied them in to begin with. 'Sall good, right?

But it's not. The reason I never completed the UDC application process was the racism evident at the one meeting I attended, where there was a lot of conversation that included the nearly but not quite whispered words "coloreds" and "Mexicans," as if the "colored and Mexican" waitstaff around the edges of the room couldn't hear, when really it was irrelevant if they did because they were just The Help. It was if The South was still alive in that room, and I didn't say a GODDAMN WORD against it or even about it. That was 8 or 9 years ago and I didn't even tell my husband about it until last night. So much for asserting I would have been outspoken in the way-back-when.

Well in order to CHANGE we have to speak the truth, confront it, dig it out, and bear witness to it. Let me tell you, it takes the indignant fight out of you. We get so angry when our past is questioned, and usually that's a fast recovery for the pang of fear we feel first. But when you just let the fear come ahead on, and name it, and bear witness to it...."_______ happened," something else happens.

I know. I did it. I'm doing it. I'm saying out loud that my lily-white DNA matches me to many, many Black Americans, well-known ones and not-so. It's not because of "diversity." It's because they and I share ancestors who raped their slaves, and I own that. What's more, I own that I myself have harbored a little white supremacy all along. It's wicked, it's there....and I know it! Now I can begin to change. Now I can begin to change.

Now we have the opportunity to raise monuments that show the whole story and the true story in one place, and how it's shaped us and how we'll use that truth to shape the future, even if they are only in our hearts or on our blogs and Facebook pages.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's become so clear that

my views and observations and opinions are not welcome on Facebook. At least by about half the people I know, and in most cases respect. The introduction of an idea outside the dogma of one's political or religious bent is just plan HERESY and is attacked with fervor and I can almost feel the spittle coming from their mouths as the words fly onto the screen.

I was told today that I have "changed", and "not for the better." To my mind, I've not changed but am currently and constantly changing, and I refuse to keep it a secret. My journey is MINE, to document and comment as I see fit, and to draw lines that restrict abusive words and behavior aimed my direction. 

So as the theme of my posts over the last year have been based on the idea of my "coming out" on matters big and small, I've just deleted everything before that and move forward with that idea. I hope to develop a following simply because there are matters that, when put into the arena of civil discourse, can be discussed in ways that benefit everyone who happens across it, especially if they add their own voice. Not their anger, hatred, piety, dogma, or bigotry. Because I will shut that shit down quicker than you can say SHARKNADO!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Does it even matter

anymore? The two "factions" of our country have become so embroiled in one-upping each other that the truth plays no part.

THIS is the work of the Devil. To make truth irrelevant, inconvenient, and even subjective. Truth, THE truth, like math, is not subjective. What you believe about 4 and 4 plays absolutely no part in what they equal.

One thing, maybe the first thing, is that we need to stop believing and promoting the idea that our country is split in half. Half Republican, half Democrat....half conservative, half liberal....half Christian, half *other*..... ultimately, half wrong, half right.  We are millions of people, splintered in our beliefs about any given subject.

What is one thing you know to be true beyond the shadow of a doubt?

For me......(thinking.....)|
God, one true God and Creator, is real.

What about you?
Don't contradict what I say I believe....tell me what YOU believe.

Nitey nite!

Monday, February 6, 2017

I guess I am just amazed

 at the vast number of people... people I know and love, even... who believe our constitution to be more scripturally sound than the Scriptures themselves!!! I mean people! Read your damn Bibles! Read what Jesus Himself said about social responsibility, personal relationships, justice, homosexuality, religion, politics... our gospels speak volumes that are simply ignored by the "right," or "conservative" or "Republican" sects in favor of our constitutional "rights." What could possibly be more concrete a place to seat our beliefs than in the words of our Lord? The words of our "forefathers."

Yeah, if you consider yourself a Christian, our forefathers are Abraham, Isaac, Moses, David, and Solomon. And princely, in Christ Himself. Go and saturate yourself in their inspired words, and then re-evaluate your positions on those same issues today.

Because our American way of life began, not at the cross, but in the 17th century. It wasn't prophesied through the ages from the beginning of time. Therefore we must assume that, as with many ways of life, it is yet another that will not stand forever. It's not the way of life that God in His wisdom sought for His people. So, as Christians first, as believers in the One True God, what way of life should we be investing all our energy in? The answers to that are not found in decisions by the Supreme Court. They are found in the Bible. Perspective is everything.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Oh no!

Week before last we were having new windows installed in our house. Meaning big gaping holes that looked very much like escape hatches to Holly, my little Houdini Chihuahua. So she and Dixie were locked behind the baby gate in different areas where work wasn't being done. And Holly started to whine, and shake the gate with one of her paws and cock her head as if politely asking for release.

So we put their leashes on them and took them outside to "do their business." It was just an instant....she slipped out of her leash and took off running down the sidewalk, saw a person on the sidewalk and darted out into the street to avoid them, and was hit by a car. And I watched it all in amazement. And horror.

And that was it. One moment I had this cute little dog, and the next moment she was gone. She ran off like that all the time, any time she got a chance. But she always came back. I never chased her because she'd just run farther and faster. Usually I'd just go inside and leave the door cracked open, and when she got tired of being a little PITA she'd come back and nudge the door open and it would close behind her of its own weight. Sometimes I wouldn't even hear it but she'd be standing right in front of me with her ears sticking straight up. Like, "I'm back!" But that's never going to happen again. She's never coming back.

During all this time there's so much going on. Two precious little girls to watch, a new baby boy to hold and sing to, the whole of Facebook in a continued uproar over politics, traffic at its holiday mad peak, stores packed to the brim with holly and jolly and people gearing up for tomorrow, the day of gratitude to be followed by a month of festivity and good will to men....and greed. Everything is moving at this super-fast pace filled with the entire spectrum of emotion. And I see it like I'm outside it all.

Because my little dog died. And she's never coming back.