Friday, November 20, 2015

Out of the House

With the house in such a chaotic condition I thought it might be fun to get out of the house. On impulse, I picked up an application at Hancock Fabrics and then was nearly horrified that they hired me! Last night was my second shift and I have to say, I am having a lot of fun. I spend my time  being inspired by the creative people bringing me bolts of lovely fabric to cut.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Plans and Wrenches

So at some point we decided to bite the bullet, and begin plans to repair and sell this house, and move to and build on our land in Floresville. The first work done on the house will be plumbing, followed almost immediately by leveling. Both will put us out of the house so we decided we needed a small travel trailer to move into for the few days each will take.

We ended up with this lovely baby. My brilliant husband built this fence section that bolts in, can be unbolted and popped off and rolled aside to back the trailer in.

Yeah that's an old TV on the came with 2 of them, which we will replace with wall-mounted smart TV's when we can afford it. Later...

Of course my truck, a 19-year-old Dodge 1500, complained the whole way home from the RV lot, and almost gave up before the job was completely done. So guess what? We knew we'd need a new truck before we could move it back out again. We put that several items down on our list. 

Enter the homeowners association, who quickly fired off 2 letters following an "inspection" of our, power wash the garage door back to white, and two, remove the RV from the property. So yeah....we picked up our new-ish Dodge Ram 3500 6.7L diesel engine today. In Georgetown. And drove home through torrential and scary rain. But we made it! And here she stepdaughter called her Big Bertha.

So while our plan is to move out of the city and live small in the country.... the steps from here to there have not been cheap so far!!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lots of dates

Last night my husband and I attended one of many great dates my husband arranged for us last year. I had grown frustrated that, due to his very limited diet, our date life just plummeted, because we used to go out to eat frequently. So he got us into several memberships and signed us up to see several shows in the performing arts. Last night we saw the Peking Acrobats, which was such fun!!

We've also been to see the Spanish Harlem orchestra, a mariachi troupe, "Frogz," an Irish dance troupe, and my favorite, Merle Haggard!!! Although running a close second to Merle was a wine and food tasting at the Pearl.... yeah, we've had a lot of fun. My husband really knows how to take a girl on a date!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I can see!

A few months ago I finally went to an ophthalmologist for these obnoxious gray/brown/black floaters that would settle into my center of vision, and was told I had a posterior vitreous detachment, which just means that some of the gelatin stuff at the back of my eye had pulled loose and was ...what? rotting? dying? Ick!!! I could get used to it or have it removed. TAKE THAT SHIT OUT! I said. So I had a pars plana vitrectomy last Tuesday. I can't wait to go back to doing normal things! Like bending down to pick things up and push/pull the vacuum cleaner. On my followup visit my IOP (intraocular pressure) was very low at 4 (normal is 12-22) and I think it's coming up now but my eye just itches and feels like there's always a hair or something in there.

Since I have been banned from household duties (can anyone say HAIL THE HUSBAND!!?) I've done nothing but doodle, and sometimes it's hard to see what I'm doing because this left eye gets SO tired and dry, but just the same....I must do SOMETHING. So I made this little doodle today, hated it, said so, then finished it anyway.

Have a great January, world!

P.S. Yes, the opportunity to use my knowledge of medical terminology was too much to resist!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Red Tent

Hey all! It's funny that I narrate my days as though they were blog posts (yes, like talking to myself in the pantry), but I don't get online to do it. It gets less convenient as time goes by. Anybody else feel this way?

So I watched this Lifetime mini-series and was enthralled. I am always questioning the Bible...not its validity, but interpretations of different parts of it. "The Red Tent" was no exception. I could totally embrace the idea that the "rape" of Dinah was, rather, a passionate event that led to tragedy. A prince who would rape as a power play would surely not endure the humiliation and excruciating pain of circumcision so he could have her again, when as a prince he could just take and keep her! And surely his father would be convinced of his son's devotion before enduring it himself. But tragedy followed, nonetheless. Anything from that point was, of course, conjecture, and the author herself says it was always intended to be a fictionalized account. But watching the movie, I was moved and drawn toward the females in the story. Especially Leah, played by the unimitable Minnie Driver. Whether true to character or not, these were certainly personalities worth contemplating.

You can actually watch both episodes here:|dc_pcrid_52385470611_pkw_the%20red%20tent_pmt_e&utm_source=ltd_google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=the%20red%20tent&utm_campaign=G_The+Red+Tent&paidlink=1&cmpid=PaidSearch_ltd_google_G_The+Red+Tent_the%20red%20tent&gclid=CjwKEAiA-5-kBRDylPG5096R8mASJABqEdm4mSWTypayQ77kQBPku6SUbcJTcWiHYPHngLQ_8vnUMRoCT0Dw_wcB

In any case, I give the mini-series 4.5 gold stars, holding back only for those who wish complete adherence to the biblical text. I myself distinctly feel the words from the hymn "Break Thou the Bread of Life" which are "beyond the sacred page, I seek Thee Lord." I believe He will honor this.

Glory be!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer Cold

Uck. I've been coughing and medicating and sniffling and blowing my nose for a week, with only a little relief today after taking some Theraflu. Nyquil hasn't helped a teeny bit. My tummy's so full of snot I have had mostly just soup for the last several days. Enough!!!!!

I've been making a few things here and there, and about to get into a full creative swing here. I have determined to make 10 of each of the successful projects I have already made in the past, because guess what? Artfest 2014 is coming November 22nd at BRCC/SA City Church and I'm going to have a table to show my work! Yay!!!!

Here's a piece I made recently for a mail swap group I'm involved in on Facebook. It was a broken jewelry swap, and I made this denim and linen brooch with single post earring and also beads from a couple of hair clips that I dismantled for their parts, as well as some canvas, gesso, fabric paint, and a rather large kilt pin.

And then today I put the finishing touches on this next brooch and sent it to its new home. It is made with  a real canceled postage stamp from my collection, various buttons and wooden beads, fabric and lace remnants, torn muslin strips, and cotton twine. I used a black Sakura gel pen (Gelli Roll) to write a few words on one of the pieces of muslin.

So that's my goal. Ten of these, ten like the one above it, ten like the mounted textile piece I have left from Natalie's art show. Then I'll see where inspiration leads me! Doing is WAY more productive than contemplating, I am learning.

Well I'm off to take another dose of Nyquil and hopefully drift off into a cough-free dreamland.