Thursday, December 29, 2016

Coming out: The pee pee edition

Yup. I'm 48 and gave birth to 3 children via natural childbirth. Since right after the third one, I began to have trouble with incontinence.... just a teeny bit, but a teeny bit of pee is still pee. So if I cough, sneeze, laugh, jump (like, down out of my truck), or run (truthfully haven't done this in years because the pee pee ramifications are enough to make me need a change of clothes. I might run from zombies one day, but the rest of the time I prefer to stand--and fight if necessary--rather than embarrass myself) I feel it happen and it floods me with shame, the discomfort of having extra moisture **down there** (even if I wear a liner or pad, there's moisture and that breeds, at the very least, discontent), and changes my experience of whatever's going on to coloring everything with the overtone of How quickly can I get to a bathroom? Or better yet....back home?. 

Enter Icon. They make panties for exactly this issue, and also others to deal with menstruation flow. I have not bought any....we went a little overboard for Christmas and I need to be the un-shopper for a little while. But they're probably the very next thing I will buy for my wardrobe.

So today the newsletter they sent out (yes! a newsletter about underwear.... or all things related) was a very comprehensive (as in, understandable not all-encompassing) intro about hormones and the roles they play in our bodies. I'm inserting the link here so that you (my imaginary readers) can benefit from the education these ladies are gaining for themselves and passing around freely.

Icon Undies Blog

Even though I have not bought my first pair of their panties yet, I want to spread the word about this interesting group of young women and their worthy mission and innovative products.

Peace! (not pees)

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