Saturday, January 16, 2016

An Old Workhorse

About 4 years ago I found an old Kenmore sewing machine, the kind that folds in and out of its own table, at a thrift store. Like $30 or 40, can't remember which. I had planned to alter it later when we move, but for the time being it's served as a computer table.

This Christmas I had the bright idea of making reading pillows for everyone. I found a great DIY pattern here and loved the pillows pictured in the tutorial. I had bought a HUGE stack of fun fabric while working at Hancock Fabrics and my intentions were grand indeed. But when I sat down at my Bernina to begin, it quit working after just a few stitches. Not fair! Since my Bernina is a computerized model it had to go in for service at a place that specializes in Berninas, and would not be ready until after Christmas.

Kinda discouraged and desperate, I pulled the computer off the old Kenmore and took it to a repair shop my mother recommended (Raul's Sewing Machine Repair) who did really fast work.

Sure enough, Raul had it running in just a couple of days and I was able to put it to work! And this shop was SO cool. Full of old personal as well as industrial sewing machines and sergers, all different models, even an old treadle machine like my great-great Aunt Jo had in her bedroom. I wish I had taken pictures inside... oh well, next time I visit.

Finally I was able to sit down and sew. I only got one pillow finished in time for Christmas, but that one pillow was a hit, and my granddaughter Claire quickly took it over from her mom.

I do have fabric to make her one of her very own, but before that I made one for myself using one of my late grandmother's pillowcases for the focal pattern. And when she's here, she loves it for face-diving into, reading, naptime...on New Year's Eve we propped it up by the window and she fell asleep on it watching the fireworks.

I have my Bernina back now, set back up on its table in my office upstairs, but the Kenmore sits downstairs in the living room, ready to work anytime I have just a few minutes to sit down at it and throw some scraps together for a quilt that will go on our bed when we move to Floresville.

Peace out!

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