Saturday, May 9, 2015

Plans and Wrenches

So at some point we decided to bite the bullet, and begin plans to repair and sell this house, and move to and build on our land in Floresville. The first work done on the house will be plumbing, followed almost immediately by leveling. Both will put us out of the house so we decided we needed a small travel trailer to move into for the few days each will take.

We ended up with this lovely baby. My brilliant husband built this fence section that bolts in, can be unbolted and popped off and rolled aside to back the trailer in.

Yeah that's an old TV on the came with 2 of them, which we will replace with wall-mounted smart TV's when we can afford it. Later...

Of course my truck, a 19-year-old Dodge 1500, complained the whole way home from the RV lot, and almost gave up before the job was completely done. So guess what? We knew we'd need a new truck before we could move it back out again. We put that several items down on our list. 

Enter the homeowners association, who quickly fired off 2 letters following an "inspection" of our, power wash the garage door back to white, and two, remove the RV from the property. So yeah....we picked up our new-ish Dodge Ram 3500 6.7L diesel engine today. In Georgetown. And drove home through torrential and scary rain. But we made it! And here she stepdaughter called her Big Bertha.

So while our plan is to move out of the city and live small in the country.... the steps from here to there have not been cheap so far!!!

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