Sunday, January 11, 2015

I can see!

A few months ago I finally went to an ophthalmologist for these obnoxious gray/brown/black floaters that would settle into my center of vision, and was told I had a posterior vitreous detachment, which just means that some of the gelatin stuff at the back of my eye had pulled loose and was ...what? rotting? dying? Ick!!! I could get used to it or have it removed. TAKE THAT SHIT OUT! I said. So I had a pars plana vitrectomy last Tuesday. I can't wait to go back to doing normal things! Like bending down to pick things up and push/pull the vacuum cleaner. On my followup visit my IOP (intraocular pressure) was very low at 4 (normal is 12-22) and I think it's coming up now but my eye just itches and feels like there's always a hair or something in there.

Since I have been banned from household duties (can anyone say HAIL THE HUSBAND!!?) I've done nothing but doodle, and sometimes it's hard to see what I'm doing because this left eye gets SO tired and dry, but just the same....I must do SOMETHING. So I made this little doodle today, hated it, said so, then finished it anyway.

Have a great January, world!

P.S. Yes, the opportunity to use my knowledge of medical terminology was too much to resist!

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