Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer Cold

Uck. I've been coughing and medicating and sniffling and blowing my nose for a week, with only a little relief today after taking some Theraflu. Nyquil hasn't helped a teeny bit. My tummy's so full of snot I have had mostly just soup for the last several days. Enough!!!!!

I've been making a few things here and there, and about to get into a full creative swing here. I have determined to make 10 of each of the successful projects I have already made in the past, because guess what? Artfest 2014 is coming November 22nd at BRCC/SA City Church and I'm going to have a table to show my work! Yay!!!!

Here's a piece I made recently for a mail swap group I'm involved in on Facebook. It was a broken jewelry swap, and I made this denim and linen brooch with single post earring and also beads from a couple of hair clips that I dismantled for their parts, as well as some canvas, gesso, fabric paint, and a rather large kilt pin.

And then today I put the finishing touches on this next brooch and sent it to its new home. It is made with  a real canceled postage stamp from my collection, various buttons and wooden beads, fabric and lace remnants, torn muslin strips, and cotton twine. I used a black Sakura gel pen (Gelli Roll) to write a few words on one of the pieces of muslin.

So that's my goal. Ten of these, ten like the one above it, ten like the mounted textile piece I have left from Natalie's art show. Then I'll see where inspiration leads me! Doing is WAY more productive than contemplating, I am learning.

Well I'm off to take another dose of Nyquil and hopefully drift off into a cough-free dreamland.

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