Sunday, July 6, 2014

It just doesn't get any better...

than this. Clearance beer at the corner store.

Did you have a good July 4th? Paul cooked burgers on the pit and made margaritas. Then we went to bed early because he had to work the 5th. Gave the Danes some L-theanine when the fireworks first started, and it hysterics at all.

Usually we watch "1776 The Musical" but we just ran out of time this year. Plus we can't get any of the "kids" (yeah...they're all adults now) to watch it with us. I just love it. Here's one of my favorite numbers.

I hope to get more work done in my studio tomorrow. I'm also doing a few mixed media pieces done on pieces of scrap wood, as I really don't enjoy working on canvas.

Have a fantastic week!

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