Saturday, July 5, 2014

Brave....let me clarify this (from The Ghost and Mr. Chicken)

My brave daughter-in-law, Natalie Charo, decided to host an art show in their apartment! Now my gut response to this was, "You're going to do what? Where?" But I have learned thru a variety of means that my gut, while looking somewhat like a brain, does very little actual reasoning, so I'm learning not to let it do all my thinking for me.

My job as a parent, grandparent,'s NOT to instruct any longer! It's to support, right? So instead of expressing my gut's doubts (my gut has no source of faith to draw from) I intentionally backed away and looked at the larger picture. While I sit and ponder and imagine what it would look like to create this or that, Natalie has taken the free time she gets with her new job, and the time that Zach's working his new job (they're on opposite schedules) to PAINT. That girl has filled something like 40 canvases, and each one is more beautiful than the last. And with no art shows in sight, she decided why wait? Host her own. Place was no problem...she made her living room into the perfect gallery. She made a plan, and then she acted on that. That alone will bring results, and I was impressed with her, and I believed (right down into my gut) that her determination and action would make the whole thing a success. When I pounced on that positive, I was reminded of someone...

Me, at around 22. I got tired of waiting for a band to come along that would let me sing on a regular basis. So I placed an ad in the local paper for local musicians who wanted to start a band. Friends who were musicians (and currently also wishing they had work) poo-pooed it, saying that in their experience it always failed for one reason or another. But I did it anyway, and I auditioned all that answered the my living room. And we had a band, and we played, and it was the beginning of several solid years of being "in the band" rather than waiting to be asked to get up and perform one song per night. We played local honky-tonks and dance halls, weddings, birthdays, reunions, benefits in large and small venues, even rubbed elbows with some country celebrities a few times. I'm no longer even the least bit involved in that world, but my son is, and it's because I was brave that music is such a part of his life.

This is a long story right? But it's the back story of the very first picture up there ^^ at the top. Of course my dauntless daughter-in-law invited me to participate. Along with other artists who have been posting pictures of their work as they go along, and believe me they are GOOD. I haven't wanted to work on canvas for awhile, being drawn more to wood, fabric, even bits of rusty metal. But I've been struggling for my muse for this art show, meaning that I need something more than not wanting to SUCK as inspiration. Yesterday I began experimenting, making these little things using reverse applique technique I learned from Quilting Arts, and determined that I would *make 10 things* by the end of the day. And I just started, and at the end of the day there were 10 of them. Only 2 are cut, the other 8 are just sewn sandwiches of fabric, and all of them need to be embellished with embroidery, beads, buttons, etc. All of them need to BECOME something -- I'm thinking wearable art, like brooches or wristlets. But they are not ideas...they are *10 real things*.

I posted that picture in a private message with some of the other artists involved in Natalie's show and got no response other than Natalie saying, "Neat!" (because she's a nice girl). My mind filled with all sorts of negatives. The other artists probably think what I made is hokey. Arts and crafts. They'll be afraid to be in a show with me because I'll bring them lower somehow with my little arts and crafts. Not real art. Or maybe some of them are generous and think Natalie's a sweetie to include her craftsy mother-in-law. All this I concluded in just an instant from one little picture, one little word! My gut has no heart at all!

In any case, in the middle of the night last night I had this vision (light bulb!!) of where to go next with this reverse applique technique that I am currently SO loving. And I'm excited. And I'm going to do it!

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