Monday, July 28, 2014

Artastic Art Show

I was so proud of my daughter-in-law, Natalie, who planned and pulled off this event. She thought of everything, including boxes of chalk on the sidewalk outside for guests' kids to play with, and an art board at the entrance intended to be a collaborative piece contributed to by guests and featured artists alike (of course, everyone didn't get this and just signed it). She also had all the surfaces in her kitchen covered with trays of goodies to snack on. My favorite was a tray of wheat thins surrounding a mound of cream cheese over which strawberry jam had been poured. Such a simple idea but it was SOOOOO yummy!!

Because I forgot to bring my camera, these were all snapped on my phone and most are a little blurry (bad lighting and shaky hands... so sad).

 Beautiful pastel paintings by Edith-Ann Tankink-Cantu

Oil on wood paints by Christian Withers (face shown is actually an event organizer, not the artist)

 Natalie Charo, acrylic on canvas, as well as some beautifully painted reclaimed wooden boxes.

Another look at Edith-Ann's fabulous elephants. I just had to hit her up for tips on using soft chalk pastels, which I tried and gave up on long ago. But her creations make me want to try once again!

I did NOT get pictures of my table, or the gorgeous display of stained glass by my VERY talented stepfather Robbie Roberts. It was toward the end that I braved getting my camera out, and Robbie and my mom had left by that time.

I did manage to sell one piece, a faux chenille American flag mounted with upholstery tacks on a panel of wood that I had collaged with ephemera and tinted with oil pastels. 

My favorite piece did not sell and now hangs on my studio wall. Every time I look at it, I am happier that it got to stay with me.  I'll show how I made the reverse-applique quilted pieces in another post, but I had made 8 little circles using the free-motion settings on my machine (and YES, once again sewed THROUGH my finger...OUCH!!), then cut into quarters and rearranged in this path-like configuration, surrounded by wooden buttons and beads, all sewn onto a piece of ripped upholstery fabric, and mounted onto a piece of collaged plywood.

Another piece that didn't sell was this wristlet, and again I was fine with that because I wear it all the time now, and actually have gotten a few orders for more like it from people who've noticed it. It's all made from thrifted clothing, natural fibers (all cotton), mother-of-pearl and wooden buttons, and the zipper is brass (NOT plastic)!!! I've since replaced the wooden button with a brass one that came in one of the many button jars my stepmother got for me from the thrift store she volunteered at.

So that's it, and it was indeed an Artastic event! WTG Natalie Charo!!

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