Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not my favorite morning. Had to wake up at 7:30.... can I hear some sympathetic gasps please?? ... to go get labs drawn. So I was n.p.o. (nil per ora---no food or drink) since midnight the night before. And in this condition, sleep-deprived, caffeine tank on empty, thirsty as hell, I had to sit still and let someone jab a needle in my arm and collect about 30-eleven vials of my blood. Vampires.

The nice vampire tech gave me Kling wrap that matched my purple blouse. 

From Dr. Dracula's office I drove straight to Whataburger for some sustenance.

So I only have to do this twice a year, and that's not too bad. I'm sure my cholesterol is still high and he's going to want to put me on a statin, but my gut instincts warn me against statin agents and I've begun to see articles that do the same now, so I'll just keep up with my fish oil and MAYBE get some exercise. Haha. Here is a view of our exercise room right now:

Yes, everything is being moved around to make room for baby, so my entire office and craft studio was moved into what used to be Zach's room, and everything from Jessica's old room was moved in here to make room for her and Brian moving back in, and then everything from Daniel's old room (which had ended up being the miscellaneous junk room) was moved in here and stacked every which way to make room for Baby Claire, who should be arriving in just a few -- 6 to 7 -- weeks! Every day is a mad dash to clean something, take more stuff out to the trash or recycler or put in the truck for Goodwill.

Well I started the day with bloodletting, followed by The Trip to the grocery store -- you know, the one that goes on for hours and costs the big bucks, then to the thrift store to find a baby doll that can model a baby cocoon I'm making for a grand-niece on my BFF Tammy's side, then home with time left only to cook dinner and clean the kitchen, which I finished at about 10:45 at night. Yes, this home-maker gig is very restful indeed!

Peace out!

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