Friday, August 16, 2013

A passel of updates

You know, when you put off posting just once, it gets harder and harder to sit down and do it. Every day as something is going on I rattle it off in my head as a blog post, complete with observations and what picture I would use. Then that evening I can't imagine how I could segue from explaining my absence to such a post, and I put it off for another day. That's how I am explaining the last *2-1/2* months!!

Lots has been going on. Adjusting to just being all housewifey has its ups and downs. I try to get a balance of just picking up clutter and doing the standard chores -- vacuum, sweep, mop, do the dishes, do the laundry -- and some larger job that needs doing, like replacing molded caulk and grout in the shower (which I f-ing HATE!!). Often the larger job turns out more extensive than I planned and the surface chores I mentioned above suffer. So Paul walks in from work and sees the floor not vacuumed and dishes in the sink, and oh BTW babe, you can't use the shower for another 18 hours, but I connected the little hand shower to the bathtub. Now of course he is a kind and patient man, but it must be frustrating.

All the while, my elbows are KILLING me, something I have decided I simply MUST contact a physician about. It's been a very long-time problem, but when I moved from straight transcription to ASR editing, there was a particular repetitive motion with my right hand that ended up feeling like my elbow was being slammed with a hammer each time I did it. I thought it would get better gradually after I quit, but it has only gotten worse. Tremendous pain from trying to grip something with my fingers, all the way up to my elbow. Both sides hurt but the right side is dreadful. I got a doctor's info yesterday and was getting ready to schedule an appointment, but something else came up --

We had to take Nicky to the vet because he was limping. Long story short, he has the dreaded Hip Dysplasia, and quite bad at that. He will require some sort of surgery, and from now (as we await more info) until about 10-12 weeks after his surgery, he will be confined to the 1st floor of our home, unable to use the dog door, kept on doggie downers to curb his urges to jump up and run for the door when tasty salesmen ring the bell. To add insult to injury (quite literally) he must lose a few pounds before surgery simply so that he will have less weight to support as he begins to heal. And we were SO PROUD when he sat down on the scale and registered in at 159 pounds!!

This restriction means more than just "poor puppy." It means one of us must stay downstairs with him at all times. It means the doggy door is closed so we have to be alert to let both dogs in and out. Trudy is a little upset. She REALLY hates limits...when the dog door is closed she just insists that we leave the back door open so she can come and go as she pleases. Not happening, Miss Tru. But she stands at the back door waiting for us to give in to her demands. It also means that we go from leaving food in their bowls all day (a decision we made with our Danes to avoid empty stomachs and the dreaded Bloat) to serving Nick a smaller amount and only twice a day. Again the problem here is with Trudy, who doesn't like limits (did I happen to mention that?). When she empties her bowl she demands it be filled again. Not because she wants to eat it, but it shouldn't just sit empty. We are going to be very frustrated with Trudy (and she with us) before this is all over. Nicky, happily in La La Land on his doggie Valium, couldn't care less. Except that he's hurting.

So I think elbow surgery will have to wait!!

Meanwhile, we are doing a fast and furious remodel upstairs (one of us at a time, so Nicky won't be downstairs alone and try to hop over the barrier and hurt himself) to get ready for Brian, Jessica, and Baby Claire (still comfortably curled up in Jessica's tummy) to move in with us.

Yeah-- there's a lot going on!! Gotta go participate!


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