Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 Index-Card-A-Day Challenge

It's June! And I've decided to participate in Daisy Yellow's index-card-a-day challenge! Go here for details and instructions. Now I have to say that I thought it was just 31 days, right up until a minute ago when I went and got the link info...but it's 61. So what the heck--I'm in anyway!

Here is my first index card.

Of course, the rebel in me is using the wrong size cards: 8 x 5. But that's because I'm currently doing a serious decluttering of my stash and came across a whole stack of yellowed old 8 x 5 index cards and they are next my "use it or trash it" pile.

I made this by weaving strips from 3 patterns of scrapbook paper from my scrap pile, and strips of another index card on which I wrote the lyrics to Hank Williams Sr.'s "Hey Good Lookin'." I spent the whole time while working on this listening to my classic country station on Pandora, and that's what happened to be playing when I picked up the marker to write lyrics. I was really wanting something more meaningful but drew a big Hank Sr. it was. After weaving I tightened the strips and finished gluing it together on the base card, I added doodling with Jelly Roll pens, and glued on some heart sequins that landed on the floor when I tossed a whole package of valentine sequins in the trash earlier. And a strip of ribbon, also on the floor near the trash bag.

Yeah, so that's it! Hope the week has treated you right and tomorrow is the beginning of a great new week for you!


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  1. Tammy: It's wonderful to stop by and see your writing; I'm so impressed with your creativity and dedication. I'm glad you had a lovely mother's day --- and CONGRATS on the baby booties. I see you are also a new aunt --- babies all over the place! My family and I are moving to Poteet in a couple of weeks to figure out what is next for us ... I hope we get to see you!