Thursday, May 2, 2013

Just to make it clear, we DID return safely from Boston, about a week before the marathon and the bombing, and we have watched it all unfold on TV along with the rest of the world...only Boylston Street meant something to me when I saw it on the news, something more than it would have had I not just been there. In fact it was the first street I became acquainted with our very first evening in Boston, because we stumbled on the cemetery there and the "mass grave" stone placed when the Boylston Street Mall was excavated in the late 19th century. Isn't that was this amazingly quiet spot in this really bustling city. Or it seemed quiet. And then just a week later, a few blocks away, the scene of such awfulness and noise and just EVIL. Humans planning the pain-riddled destruction of other humans...

I just have nothing else I can say. I have been unable to look at our pictures from the trip (and our trip was SO fabulous) because it seems to have this tragic post-script that will NEED to be attached. It's not that our time together and our adventure were marred, it just seems--at this point--that it would do such dishonor to those who were there and did NOT have the adventure they went for. Does that make sense?

Anyway there is a lot of other goodness going on, here at home and out in the world. I'm going to keep focusing on nourishing it, and making some where it's not.


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