Friday, March 1, 2013

One week to go

Next Friday evening I will become a mother-in-law. Of course, I am Clint's mother-in-law, but in a "step" sort of way.

I still don't have a dress, or a pair of dress shoes. I mean, I have the ones that look like they came out of my grandmother's closet (in style, not in age....they're just sort of, grandma shoes). But in looking back at Brittany's wedding picture, (of course I'm looking at ME in somebody else's wedding pictures. Where the hell else would I look?) I look very old and frumpish indeed. I'd rather look a little younger, and hotter.

So Jessyca and I went to the mall. Right off the bat we were drawn to the perfume counter. My favorite and signature perfume has always been Wrappings by Clinique. But they discontinued it over 12 years ago, which is my luck ("they" did that to Another World, too). A few years later they started putting out a limited number of bottles at Christmas, and I have 2 or 3 in the bottom drawer of my dresser, one in my medicine cabinet, and Jessyca has one. Other than Wrappings, Jessyca has a huge collection of Bath & Body Works scents. They almost knock Paul into full-blown asthma attacks. So ANYWAY. Perfume counter. We sniffed a few cards before coming across one we both LOVED.

The lady at the counter said it was "mandarin and coconut." Oh, and it wassssss. Then when I wanted a bottle, she put it on the counter and the name was "Sensuous Nude." did I not know that before? Hate the name. LOVE the perfume. I ended up buying a large bottle to share with Jessyca. Funny, she wanted it to sit on her dresser with her 50 bottles of B&BW fakies. I think not. It sits with my bottle of Wrappings, and a nearly empty bottle of Elige (Mary Kay, also discontinued, which I stumbled over at a thrift store).

Well that was the end of shopping success. In the whole mall I found only one dress I liked, it was sort of matronly but very classy, just needed a pair of sleek heels and some coral jewelry. Screw blue. I don't want to wear blue. But it was $240 and I said to Jessyca, "Let's keep looking and come back if we find nothing else." Well I found nothing else, and in the end could not find my way back to the dress. At some point I began to panic and wanted nothing more than to get out of the mall. So at long last (after wandering around and taking the wrong exits and my phone beeping constantly telling me I was about to begin incurring "roaming charges" which is complete crap) we got out of there and I convinced myself that when we got to our next stop - the seamstress shop to get Jessyca's dress altered - I would open an art magazine and reboot from my panic attack. And I did.

Tomorrow we are going out to some nice, small, consignment shops.

So here are some photos.

This Monday we had a CRAZY windstorm. It blew open and removed boards from our fence (which we had bolstered earlier with a 6-foot-long 1-1/2-inch-thick iron rod, de-shingled the roof, had car alarms going off every few seconds, knocked the electricity on and off, sandblasted our faces while we hammered the fence back together, knocked out (and over) stop lights all over town. I wore this hat that night to do check-in at Fuel/City Youth (haven't acclimated to the new name yet) and when the wind began to die down, the air got really cold. Down into the 30s, even. South Texas weather is SO screwy.

Here's Trudy demanding to be "in the mix" of our morning coffee routine. She did NOT take "no room for you here" for an answer.

Today I sat at my serger and turned a whole bunch of old towels into washcloths and little round coasters for my nightstand. I washed the dogs' dishes (they get SO nasty) and made a tablecloth for their table, with serged edges and shoelaces sewn onto the corners to tie around the table legs. Now when I wash their dishes (which I try to do on Mondays) I can just shake the tablecloth out outside, then throw it in the wash with a load of whites.

After a long shift at work tonight, I came into the bedroom, followed by my Nicky (who always waits next to me until 11:58). He promptly gathered all his toys on the floor next to his couch, then sacked out, drool and all.

Nitey night!


  1. I know my experience is limited, but I really do feel that if I have a place to sleep, enough to eat and a dog, all will be right with my world.

  2. I've found all my best suits/dresses/etc lately through used clothing stores. The mall is just crappy. For Jason's and my big fifth anniversary party, I was willing to spend a lot of money, and went to a fancy store and tried on fancy dresses ... that all looked like crap. At a used clothing store in Arlington, I got a KILLER dress for $20. Sorry the mall was such a bummer.