Sunday, February 17, 2013

No Rest In Sight

Is it just me or is life just grand-slamming everybody with stuff to do?

Zach's wedding is 2 weeks away. I cannot believe it. Tomorrow, in between Paul's doctor visit and mine, I need to get Jessyca's bridesmaid dress to the seamstress. Having just been reacquainted with my serger (today, as a matter of fact, after it spent a month in the shop and then 2 more on my desk still in its case, unpacked) I fear I might screw up her dress. So I'm delegating alterations to a professional.

So yeah, Paul has a procedure coming up Tuesday, but had to be off his Coumadin for 5 days, and eat leafy greens to bring his INR up to decrease his bleeding risk during surgery. Now, greens are his favorites but he normally can't have them because they increase his clotting factors. So he's enjoying them and I'm watching him like a hawk for signs of DVT or worse. Don't want a replay of last year's scare.

Weds my grandfather...the stubborn old coot who beat lymphoma last year at 86 and had spinal surgery last month at 87...returns home from the rehab hospital. I can't wait for a day off to go see him! Next week maybe. Fingers crossed.

High points of last week:
1. Hearing from a long-list cousin whom I've missed.
2. Getting a surprise gift in the mail from my mom, a beautiful handmade bowl of olive wood.

3. Spending a while day today on ART. Which restores my VERY tired soul.

4. Selling *2*things on ebay!

Low point: hot flash. But it's gonna be okay, I just remembered my black cohosh pills and I'm starting to cool off already!

This week look forward to:
Starting on this week's project, 2 handbags with matching wallets or pencil/hook bags made from skorts I got at the thrift store.

What do you have planned?

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