Saturday, November 17, 2012

Halfway through November

I could talk forever about what’s been “happening to me” but…well, nah. Check out art… art feeds the soul.

Jessyca was invited to a masquerade so I got to make an impromptu mask out of cardboard, duct tape, texture paste, black gesso, silver glitter paint, and little jewels.

Then I got very excited to see that Jessica Brogan had decided to re-run an Inspirational Deck Swap, a deck of inspirational cards you make yourself, send to her, then she sends you back one of yours and 51 from other participating artists. They were actually fun to make, with old playing cards. And I got them finished and in the mail day before yesterday, just barely sliding in under the deadline.
Here were what some of mine looked like.



What is a quote you return to a lot for comfort or inspiration?

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