Friday, February 8, 2013

Brene Brown.... still telling the truth

Last year I expressed to someone that I knew by what I was saying that I was making myself vulnerable, and his response indicated that he completely missed the point of the word itself. I guess he approached it from a military viewpoint. But I meant it from a simply human being standpoint. I didn't mean weak, targeted, or afraid. I meant real, just me, no facade of coolness or badassness to hide behind. I can't believe I ran across this Brene Brown TED talk about vulnerability. LOVE it.

I also, in my vulnerability (bravery) I made a reference to this scene in this movie which is one of my favorites of all time. I can never get enough Bob.

This video doesn't show the end of the scene, which goes like this:
Doctor: Why did you just do that?
Bob: If I fake it, I don't have it, right?

Go forth and be VULNERABLE. And love yourself. And every once in awhile, double check just to make sure you don't have Tourette's.

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