Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Did It!

I'm so excited to say that after hiding out from my life for over a week, today I sent my sketchbook off to the Brooklyn Art Library. I did fewer pages than I planned and I wasn't that crazy about most of them, but I made a commitment and I followed thru, all the way to the post office. There were some glitches and it may not make the traveling exhibit because my bar code didn't work online. But I decided to send it off into the world, and we shall see what will become of it, if anything. To push myself to the finish line I made a page with my own personal motto, one I've muttered to myself many a time, to work up the gumption to achieve some monumental task like paying all the bills, or filing for divorce, or getting out of bed and making breakfast. This is that motto and the page I made to feature it.

I don't know if I'm supposed to or not supposed to show any of the pages I've made for this project. But I read the rules and I saw nothing about it. So here are a couple more.

This bottom one is probably my favorite because I stitched the skyline of San Antonio using the free hand or freestyle feature on my sewing machine. It came out so much more awesome than I had pictured. I don't know if I'll do next year's sketchbook project, but if I do, I'll actually start on it when I get it instead of waiting almost a year and then trying to do the whole thing in 1 week. I'm too old to work under that kind of pressure! God bless, and nitey nite! Tam

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