Friday, December 28, 2012

I love the 1880s ??

I came in here to post about my rather boring day,  but the TV was on the History Channel and here's this absolutely hilarious "spoof" of VH1's "I love the ___" [insert decade of choice for mockery]. That is some FUNNY shit. You can check it out for yourself here.

So anyway, I had an ordinary day. Worked some more on cleaning house... we are so overwhelmed with STUFF and this year I WILL deplete my stash of everything I've been saving for some "future project." That's this year's project! But first I must make a space I like, a space I can feel good about, whether I'm making something, planning something to make, or just rest and reflect. Today I put away all the Christmas wrapping paraphernalia that had been used in Daniel's room, Wrap Central for the holidays. Then I brought up my wooden spool, transformed into a unique bookshelf, and put it in the corner of that room. I think his room gets the best light of any room in the house, and that's what I need--light! I'll post pictures of the spool/shelf soon. Anyway it looks a bit nicer in there, a striped sheet and my American Flag afghan on the futon, a large round lace doily on top of the spool and all my artsy fartsy books in its shelves.

So the fun part comes after I got off work tonight. Paul had been in the bedroom watching "Ballykissangel" on his laptop (my anniversary gift to him...Ballykissangel, not the laptop) and when I came to bed, he had fallen asleep watching it, still had the earphones in, and Nicky snuggled up next to him on one of my 2 feather pillows.

How cute, right? So I snuck the ear buds out, and the laptop closed, and thought I would just sit on the couch (the dogs' bed) for awhile to wind down from work. Where I looked over and saw Trudy on my OTHER feather pillow.

Paul has like 6 pillows and he throws most of them off the bed before the night is over. I will only sleep on these 2 sad, old, completely broken in and comfortable REAL feather pillows. My dogs love them the VERY best and I have to wash them all the time now.

Anyway... I told you I had a boring day!

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  1. So what did you sleep on? You had to wake one of your wonderful sweethearts to get your beloved pillows back ... We WILL see you one of these visits to Poteet ...