Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Yup. And I found his present this morning while he was at a doctor appointment and wrapped iy all up nice. But NOT as nice as what he got me... a new Samsung Galaxy Note II, which I'm using to blog right now. Voice rec and all! From a very long line at Bass Pro Shop, even.
Now we are off to run another Christmas errands, and then off to the Riverwalk, where we got married 10 years ago today. 10 pm... well just 3 stops and several hours later, we decided against battling traffic downtown.
So we went to HEB and bought snacks (hummus and pita chips) and a movie to watch at home (MIB 3) and spent a nice evening at home. Because that's really who we are. Hummus, pita chips, and aliens. Nitey night!

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  1. The key to a successful marriage --- knowing when to call it quits on fighting traffic! Jason and I just celebrated five years --- maybe we'll recreate your 10 year celebration in a few ...