Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Great Ideas that weren't worth a damn...part 1

I like to try to think of something positive I brought away from my failed relationships. In first marriage, I learned from my mother-in-law to use scalding hot water to wash dishes. It hurt and I totally hated her for making put my hands in that water. But I still do it that way to this day. I also learned to make the heartiest meal of hamburger patties, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans, all smothered in pan dripping gravy. And it's my kids' favorite meal. The marriage lasted 3 months.

My second marriage lasted a little longer. I came away from it mostly with all these silly phrases. Like, wongo-chingau, which is how husband #2 described his vision after having his eyes dilated. I've said it ever since. Now my kids do, and my current husband, and his kids. Wongo chingau is very descriptive of some things. Another thing #2 used to say was, “It was a great idea, it just wasn’t worth a damn.” I find myself saying it all the time, and it completely fit this particular brilliant idea I had: Darning socks.

See, my current husband (coming up on 10 years…this one’s a keeper!) has to wear these compression socks and when we first started buying them they were really expensive (and we were usually scraping the bottom for sock money). So even though he’s worn out the heels and bought new ones, he never throws the old ones away. I had this brilliant idea. I’ll just learn to darn socks, and we’ll save money and be thrifty.

I watched a video on it right here.

So I settled in with my tools and began this great endeavor. My husband looked at me all lovey-dovey-eyed, as I sat on the sofa with my reading glasses on and darned his socks. It was a real mushy moment for him. But after a few attempts, I could be heard to say, "This shit is NOT going to happen." I just found a different supplier for the socks, and after I shot this picture I threw that sock away.

You see, it was a great idea, it just wasn’t worth a damn!

Have you any ideas that would fit into this category?

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