Monday, October 22, 2012

October at a Glance

Started out the month with grand plans to decorate for the Big Night, but wouldn’t you know, my husband got a big giant blood clot in 2 veins that shunt blood from the liver and part of his small bowel (jejunum, specifically), marked by dreadful abdominal pain every time he ate. He thought it was just a stomach bug–a visit to our GP yielded nothing so he was sent for a CAT scan the following day (about a week after the onset of the stomach pain). By the time he was called, he couldn’t even get on the table so my daughter drove him to the emergency room, where they finally drugged him enough to get an MRI and discover the clot.

NINE DAYS in the hospital, the first 7 of which he was just miserable, had excruciating pain even after a simple spoonful or 2 of Jello. We came home last Sunday and each day has gotten a little better. He’s returned to work, and is having less pain when he eats. And I’m feeding him better than Jello.
In other news–my wayward brother Michael has found himself in Oregon. Now the fog in his brain seems to be clearing and he’s more in contact, and is planning to find work and return home. I have no idea how his story will turn out, and I am — as always — stressed out about it.
Jessyca and I have begun working, actually WORKING toward our goal of having our own business, with the first goal to buy her a pickup truck of her own. We’re going to make a goal/inspiration board that covers an entire wall and a picture of a Toyota Tacoma, all decked out and jacked up (WITH the step bars of course) will be the first thing that goes up there.
So this is our first collaborative offering:

It’s a candy apron! Halloween is my very favorite holiday so I like to be out in the yard visiting with the families that come up to trick or treat, not stuck on the porch with a giant trough of candy. So Jessyca and I designed this apron, and I embroidered it with my “new” embroidery machine, given to me by my Nana several months ago. We’re making 5 to sell.

Fall is HERE! It’s the first fall, complete with cooler weather and pleasant breezes, that I can remember for many years. It gives me that Fall itch to redecorate and plan for some fun family times during the holidays.

So that’s our October so far. I look forward to some PEACE AND QUIET while Jessyca and I begin working into the fall and Christmas season.

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