Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just Another Day

Paul at work, Daniel stayed home from school with a headache, Jessyca and I did chores and worked on aprons. I wrestled with my stupid serger for probably a couple of hours before calmly pulling all the thread out of it and putting it in a corner of the room. Like a punishment. Then later I looked at my goal chart and one of the post-its says “Get Serger Up On Counter.” So I plopped that pain-in-the-ass back into the spot I’d cleared off for it, and I guess I’ll try it again another time. I wonder if anyone even MAKES a serger that’s not a complete tiger to work with. I’ve felt relieved when finishing a project with mine (which is a Singer) but never satisfied. Just glad to turn it off!! I also cleaned my Bernina and the Janome my grandmother gave me. Got a lot done, switching back and forth from them today. My bed—although it has no quilt—now has a nice long bedskirt that hides all my boxes and drawers and baskets full of (you guessed it) yarn underneath. The quilt will be next (and soon). I was thrilled to scratch this off my list, but I sure did wrench my back climbing in between the mattresses to get it all straight.

While I was stuck in the hospital with Paul. Wait let me back up… I was not “stuck,” but he was. I just chose to be stuck with him. Make sure he wasn’t alone, because he was pretty miserable. When you are all mushy in love like we are (we spent the 11th anniversary of our first date in that hospital room!) you can literally spend 9 days not even talking really. He didn’t feel like it, didn’t feel like much of anything. I watched Hammer movies on my little DVD player, and he watched whatever was on TV. Set aside the frustration and terrible pain, we had a nice quiet 9 days together.
So anyway. While we were there, I set my mind to finishing UFO’s (unfinished objects). It’s part of my decluttering…I gotta get this stuff OUT of piles in boxes in closets and corners, and either make something useful of it, or get it the hell out of my house! So I finished this afghan, which ironically I started in the waiting room of an outpatient surgical center 5 years ago when he was having his first hand surgery. It’s been through another hand surgery and months of waiting in the rehab lobby, then Brittany’s gallbladder surgery, then shoulder surgery and the months of rehab that followed, and also on the plane to and from Los Angeles. But mostly it’s a “hospital afghan.” It was the trophy, whomever was in charge of “taking care of Dad” got the good chair and the flag blanket.

Although we haven’t been able to put all the Halloween into the year that I wanted, we do have some special plans–Paul took the night off, so we’ll spend it together! Also next Wednesday night, Jessyca and I will be going to one of the theatre showings of the original Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein at Heubner Oaks theater together. We watch those old b/w Universal Movies every year! Right now I’m watching “House of Wax” with Vincent Price. I do love me some Halloween!

And finally I’m about to lay down and go through some of my new art journaling books for inspiration. All this stress, I’m in need of a little! And Nicky is already ready to keep my pillow warm.
Nighty night!!

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