Saturday, September 8, 2012

What's Up, Buttercup?

Probably not the most original of lines…but it’s what I have.

You’ll notice I posted a link to Jonathan’s memorial fund to the right in place of my Etsy link. Please feel free to share it.

I came home from Jonathan’s memorial feeling wrung out. I finally emailed Tangie Baxter and told her I didn’t think I had a creative thought in my whole head and was doing a crappy job for her. She insisted I take some time to work on her new project, and decide later. How nice is that? So I did download her workshop, the “Gypsy Diaries” and darned if it isn’t EXACTLY the project I need for this month.

There are plenty of pages and elements if you want to go 100% digital, but also videos, PDF’s, and collage sheets if you want to go hybrid and actually alter an older book.

I’m altering a book on manners from way back in the past when people had dinner parties and servants and ladies wore white gloves. It’ll be more useful when I’m thru with it!

I’m most excited about the inside pages. Because I really have been on a journey, and now I wish I could just pack up a few things (art things, books), my husband and my dogs, and get into a little wagon and GO. So in some imaginary way, I will work out all my crap while I have me some “gypsy” adventures. I’ll make a big pile of “luggage” that’s staying behind, and fill my wagon with all sorts of colorful pages and insightful journaling. I might even make up some potions and spells to cook up by the campfire under a full moon. Potions to ward away politicians and their minions, doesn’t that sound awesome?!

Doesn’t this look dreamy? Of course you have to squinch your eyes real hard to imagine the 2 Great Danes. My husband better watch out, or my imaginary gypsy wagon will end up getting built in the back yard, and look an awful lot like this one. With solar panels covering the roof!

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