Sunday, September 16, 2012

Off the Grid

Here is the take-off page of my Gypsy Diary. It’s not all glittery and mystic…not yet. First I gotta clean house, break camp…then I’m off to see where I end up.

Before getting started I thought I’d do a little research on this whole “gypsy” thing. Turns out that true gypsies aren’t charmed and don’t live a magical existence. They are–as they have been for hundreds of years–the unwanted of the “civilized” world. They’re the “shaggy-haired stranger” blamed for any number of crimes that might occur when they are camping nearby. Today they still exist, but can’t really co-exist with mainstream society because they refuse to be mainstreamed… and we all know how “normal” people don’t like anyone outside their norm!

So that’s very sad. And I started this journey sad so I’m not going to take a sad path. I am instead going to chase down the illusion of the gypsy. The road less traveled. Living “off the grid,” making my own rules, setting my own boundaries, and learning a little more about the world around me by traveling through it a little more slowly. Because I’m in a wagon…get it?

Here we go!!

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