Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here Comes the Bride

My beautiful stepdaughter Brittany became a Mrs. this past weekend. I thought I’d be the stepmom who didn’t get all emotional about it, but when I went upstairs to peek in while she was getting ready, her mother hugged me and shared the moment with me, and later I watched her father dance that dance I’ve been hearing them talk about since I first met him (she was 12)… yeah, there was definitely something in my eye.

I know…I look sort of frumpy. But I also sort of look like my grandmother (right down to my choice of shoes!) so that’s all good.

Bella, tired little flower girl, needed some encouragement in the photographs so the whole party (and all us onlookers) cheered for her. She LOVED that!

So there’s a happy beginning for ya! And if all that wasn’t enough, before leaving for her honeymoon, Brittany added me as “family” on her Facebook. That may not seem like a big deal…but it truly was one of my “top life moments.” I love that God keeps surprising me with them.

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