Friday, August 31, 2012

August, official suckiest month of 2012

This young man was born on January 12, 1988. I know…I was there. His dad handed him to me and his mom beamed like she’d just created a whole ‘nother being. They shared him with me and I loved –still love– him dearly, as if he were my own son. I was so happy for him when he had a son of his own, and loved watching his life moments as shared on Facebook. But due to a quirk of nature, he’s gone. Just like that…24 years old. His little boy has no daddy, his parents have lost a son, his siblings have lost a brother, and the love of his life is left truly widowed.

Below is a link to contribute to his funeral fund. I’m posting it everywhere. I can’t go to his funeral–can’t afford to go, and if I could, I’d rather give the money for fare and hotel to this fund. Please pass this link around if you feel moved to.

Jonathan Jeffers Memorial Fund

People say, “You know, the Bible says God won’t give you more than you can handle.” And I want to say, “Have you actually READ the Bible?” Because that is NOT what it says. It says that we will face temptation, but no temptation greater than we are equipped to resist (I Cor. 10:15). And I don’t think God Himself metes out the trials, but the Devil, to hinder our walk, to mock God, to trip us up and laugh when we fall. Just to make trouble, just to cause pain. We know there are people like that, right? So I feel safe in assuming the Devil is that much worse.

Earlier in the month I got this weird “text-to-land-line” message from one of my brothers in which a robotic voice read to me what was worded very much like a suicide note. Whether that was its intent or not is a matter of question…but the fact remains that had I not gotten that weird call, (name withheld) would have died of an overdose. Those few minutes saved his life, so I could call 911 and EMS got there just in time

…so why no last-minute rescue for Jonathan? He was prepared…he even had a defibrillator in…but it wasn’t enough. And I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY. I simply cannot comprehend that he’s just not HERE somewhere, “one eye geen, one eye boo.”

Still. I will stand on the Solid Rock, and believe if I feel it or not (lyrics…love lyrics).

P.S. God…I could use a lull in the storm please.

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