Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sketches and other stuff

Today I decided I wanted to go to Goodwill. I need a new dress for Brittany’s wedding, and I’d rather find a blouse and a skirt or two to combine and make something unique. I could have sworn there was one up I10 so Paul and I got in the car to go, and ended up in dead-stop traffic for the better part of a couple of hours. Like, just a couple of miles from home. So I pulled out my sketchbook and a pen–I have decided I hate drawing with a nib pen but I will practice using a ball-point gel pen.

These are 2 views of what we saw. We sat there long enough for me to get a good couple of scenes. Then I got tired of that, and drew my hand drawing.

The perspective is a little off because I was drawing with the hand I was drawing. So you can see my wedding band inside my fingers, and the diamond in a totally different place outside. But anyway I did it. It was one of Danny Gregory’s EDM (Everyday Matters) challenges. I haven’t gotten caught up with them all but I do have a list tucked into my sketchbook for emergencies (like being stuck in traffic for 2 hours).

Well I put in my 8 hours, I’m OFF work and watching “It” on TV while Paul and both dogs sleep soundly. I only wish I could switch on the light so I could draw. Oh well. I have all day tomorrow!

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