Friday, July 20, 2012

July, where have you gone?

Ach! It seems like a couple of days go by, and then I realize it was a week. Then 2 weeks. And I’m NOT having fun so why is time flying???

It’s like this.

1. Hubby has been training at dispatch during the day while I work at night. We’ve been passing each other coming and going. BUT he’s just finished training and will be on (probably) a more predictable schedule, AND I’ve changed my schedule AGAIN to have 4 days off and work longer hours for 3 days, so at least we should have a day a week together we can count on.

2. My nephew Garrett has been here.

He will be here the entire month, save this few days when he’s with his mom at a family reunion somewhere in Northwest Texas. I am bumfuzzled at my complete inability to deal with little boys. Somehow in the process of my own kids growing up, I lost whatever that thing is that keeps you moving and functioning with little loud question-askers afoot. Every once in awhile he sits still long enough to read a story with me, or play a game, or even join me in radish-drawing, something I was doing for one of the many workshops I’ve enrolled in.

And here are my radishes. They were SO fun to do.

3. Last week my kids left with their dad for Hawaii.

While they were gone, and Paul was gone at training, and Michael (my brother, Garrett’s dad) was at work, I also had my step-granddog Lily, who is not big enough to get through Nick and Trudy’s doggy door, and who attached herself to me in her mom and dad’s absence and demanded that I play with her. A lot. She’d sleep happily up in bed next to me, but if I was working she’d sit next to my chair and bark so I had to type a lot of reports with 1 hand and pet Lily with the other. Seriously. This is Lily reminding me that that work thing I was doing was interfering with my pay-attention-to-Lily duties.

And this is my last day with her, when I didn’t have to work and she just wanted to lay on my pillow and be admired.

4. It’s HOT OUT THERE. I really, really hate to go anywhere, the humidity is SO HIGH that I am drenched between the front door and the car, and those minutes between starting the car and the air conditioner kicking in are miserable. I hate summertime in Texas. But I DID the thing I hate when Paul came in from work the other morning. He went to sleep and I climbed in the car and ran errands, including one I’ve been putting off… car inspection. It’s one of those things I give myself huge points for keeping up with.

Inventive. But…NOT.

5. Other stuff. Like dismantling the dishwasher, cleaning out MOUNTAINS of caked crud and calcium from every imaginable nook and cranny, and putting it all back together. I love my toolbox. But I have sore places all over my body from contorting to get up and at different parts of the dishwasher, as the upper rack does not come out.

Here are a couple of hybrid canvases that I did for Tangie’s blog. They’re “hybrid” in that I downloaded and printed out some of her artwork, and used it in mine. I’m becoming less and less digital and even less hybrid as I learn to create my own artwork, but these canvases look nice on the wall in my “studio.”

and here’s a tangle that I put on a canvas and decided to paint–trying to clear out unfinished projects so my studio is more of a studio and less of a hoarders’ den.

Oh, and yesterday my children came back from Hawaii!! A whole week is just too damn long. Here are the awesome things my daughter brought me, and JUST IN TIME, too… I was starting my shift and completely in need of COFFEE!!

Well that’s it for now. As I was scrolling through my pictures to find these for the post, I realize there’s a lot of things I took pictures of to blog about… I really need to fit blogging back into my schedule somewhere.


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