Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hello July!

Well here I am again… sometimes Zach’s server is down (it’s been moved around a bit) but mostly I’ve just been consumed with being busy, trying to really focus on what matters and DO IT. I’ve been cleaning out my overwhelming stash of STUFF, boxes and boxes stacked up, full of everything I need for any craft project imaginable. I’ve reorganized most of it, thrown away lots of things I don’t need at all, and finished some things along the way.

Now first, I had to start AND finish (in one sitting, or at least without any other projects in between sittings) the veil for Brittany’s wedding. She had a deadline of June 13th, so I started it at the end of last month and 10 days (and about 30 episodes of Dark Shadows) later, it was done. Had to be sewn by hand, by damn. That’s the least of the swearing one could hear me doing. I didn’t like the way it turned out, but she was pleased with it, which is all that matters.

BTW, 2 weeks ago Zach and Natalie announced their engagement, and set the date for March 8. I can’t wait to start helping with plans… but lordy I hope she wants a simple veil. This will make 2 of our 5 children off and married. I would have a mushy moment, but instead I’ll just say that I’m going to knock out the wall between my office and Zach’s room and expand my studio. In 7 months, 4 days.

Here’s my artsy workspace right now. I’m really enjoying it.

To the right of this shot and around behind me is my work desk, which I’ve traded down and down until it’s just a teensy little typing table, and then more unattractive boxes and shelves and drawer systems that take up another entire wall and a half. But that’s organized space… what you’re looking at in the picture is creative space. Zachary found the shelf thing on the right in front of a dumpster at a convenience store. It’s awesome, sturdy metal shelving with peg-boards on either side. In it I have lots of assorted things I use for storage, my favorite being the library cardfile drawers I picked up at Goodwill for $2. Can you believe that? Just to the left of that is a really neat cart/shelf thingie on wheels. It’s made with 4 long bolts and assorted nuts, and can be adjusted to make the shelves any distance apart just by moving the position of the nuts up and down. Another Goodwill find, $6.
I’m still trying to clean off the 12-foot counter there on the left. It holds my sewing machine, and when I empty off the far end it’s going to hold the embroidery machine that my grandmother gave me. I’m so excited about it – I finally found someone to give me lessons on how to use it, which I will take next month after school starts. But for now, the counter is being used for painting, trying to get undone, half-finished projects out of boxes and on the walls or somewhere else. Here’s what got finished today.

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