Monday, July 23, 2012

And it's Monday again

But for me that’s not so bad…I have this and 2 more days before I return to work. This is my new schedule. During those 3 long days I hate it, but having 4 free days stretch in front of me is awesome. So here I sit, 10 in the morning with a cup of coffee, still in my jammies and my hair all wongo because I just got out of bed…and life is good.

Yesterday Jessyca and Daniel worked the last 2 services at church. When I went to pick them up, the church was being cleaned up and closed up, and someone let loose all these balloons they hadn’t… what? given out? used in service? I don’t know. But it looked really cool.

It’s been SO miserably hot here. We have actually had several rainy days (for which our trees are OH so grateful).

but the days after are just miserably steamy. The heat oppresses me… but my Nicky loves to go out and sun in it. He’s like a horse!

Then when he’s done he comes back into the air conditioning and climbs up in the nice soft bed.

Well I have no more excuses… I must go do dishes. Here’s to a great week!!

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