Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sibling Rivalry

Still coping with the fallout with my brother. He said to me that if I “tried to make him the bad guy” he would “make sure everyone knew the truth.” Of course the rebel in me wants to just tell it all. Get bumper stickers made that say “David’s the Bad Guy” and put them on my car and truck. But the truth is that I’m just not up to it. So I made a page, and I put the text of Cain and Abel in Hebrew in place of where “the story” would go. It’s full of symbolism and sadness.

Then I said “Screw it.” And here’s the one I made for my journal. It still doesn’t tell “THE story” but it isn’t about that… it’s about hope, which I do have, amidst all the other emotions. Yes, I’m a Christian who says “screw it,” among many other things. I have LAYERS people. LAYERS.

I will say this… I am completely unafraid of any truth or lie that could be told about me. Completely. Unafraid. Start talking, boyo.

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