Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Suzi Blu, my new hero

She’s just the freaking bomb, is what I’m saying. Check her out here:

Okay, she might be stoned… hahaha but I don’t think so. I do know that she’s my age! A year older than me, even. OMG! It is totally not fair that she looks THAT good.

So Paul signed me up for one of her workshops and I’m having SO much fun. Jessyca and I have been sitting together every day, watching Suzi and drawing and talking. Today we did a mandala, which is completely not Suzi-related. But still, Suzi’s teaching me some stuff, and the most important part is what I want Jessyca to get, that art is in our souls, it’s not some talent that X person has that Y person doesn’t. It’s not a contest. It’s F-ing awesome. Know what I mean?

I’ve become OBSESSED with art journaling. Like, paint and glue and making a HUGE mess. Here are some AJ pages and a couple of things from my sketchbook, as well.

So anyway, there’s my art life. Just had a birthday, Paul and I bought each other Barnes & Noble Nooks and I’m listening to Mozart while I post this. That’s really freaky right? Don’t worry, yesterday I was listening to Merle Haggard and Ronnie Milsap. I'm still me!

So until the next time I can wash enough paint off my hands to use the keyboard,
Nitey night!!

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