Sunday, April 15, 2012

Amazing TED talk about Shame

Often I think about posting on shame and the effects that it has had on me, my family, etc. But usually I delete, or at bravest “save as draft” and let it sit on the virtual shelves gathering virtual dust. But as a pre-assignment for a workshop I’m beginning in May, we were to write about a particular heartache that shaped us, and I created a page about shame, and how it makes me feel misshapen.

Shame on me!

So I showed it to my husband last night. Bless his heart, he looks at it like he looks at all my work, supportively and a little puzzled as to WTF it is. So he says, “What’s it supposed to be?” and I explained to him, it’s like a picture saying 1000 words and in this case they’re all “shame.” So he says, “Well I don’t really know what shame looks like.” And I smiled at him, and pointed back to the pages, and said, “Now you do!”

This morning he sent me a link to this fabulous video. I will have to go back and watch it and recreate more pages about things like “vulnerability hangovers” and petri dishes and other such things that I could SO identify with. It’s a wonderful, wonderful talk about a condition that has plagued my family for generations, disfiguring our souls and our relationships.

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