Friday, February 3, 2012

Thursday's best laid plans

Well it’s Thursday, and today I do have the time, so I’ll be doing the first chore in the “31 Days to Clean” project. Paul’s on duty, Dan’s at school, Zach and Michael are at work, so that leaves just Jessyca and me. After the fridge is clean and a load of laundry started, we’ll put on Groundhog Day, because it’s tradition. While watching, I’ll be cutting out circles of denim to finally begin on the denim quilt I’ve been promising Paul for years. I did make one for him to keep at work, but I’ve been hoarding every old pair of jeans since then and promising one for the bedroom. While looking for ideas online, I came across this and fell in love:

You can find the free pattern here from Crazy Creek Quilts.

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