Monday, February 27, 2012

It was a Dark and Stormy Night

I’m determined to learn how to use the camera Paul gave me for our anniversary year before last. There’s a photographer giving us grounds-up, hands-on lessons at SBG. Each lesson is running once a month beginning on the 15th. Click here for more info. The first assignment was to shoot using window light. So I got these of Jessyca and Trudy, my most willing and almost always cooperative subjects. I was supposed to start shooting with the light to my back and then move into different angles, but there’s a piano against the window so I skipped right on ahead.


Then later I looked out the kitchen window and saw this storm coming in. I ran outside and got these with the light to my back. I love the way the bare tree branches look with the sun shining on them, and those ominous clouds looming behind them.

I must admit that all these were taken with the “auto” setting. It’s just wrong, to have a camera with all sorts of bells and whistles and settings, and be so intimidated that I mostly use auto. I really look forward to learning what they mean. Especially aperture. WTF is aperture?

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