Sunday, February 5, 2012

Going green (okay not really)

Quick tip – how to recycle junk mail, especially credit card offers? Very simple. The MINUTE your junk mail comes in, open it all and shred any part with sensitive information (like your name). Then go through the credit card offers and pull out the postage-paid return envelopes. After shredding all the actual applications, fold up all the rest of your junk mail, INCLUDING THE ENVELOPES IT ARRIVED IN, and stuff it in those postage-paid envelopes and send it BACK to Discover, or CitiBank, or Capital One, or whoever. Just think… every time one of those envelopes is scanned and weighed, it’s billed to the company that originated it. Plus if it’s REALLY stuffed they get charged extra. And even more than THAT if it’s too stiff to bend. So here’s another tip. An entire Pottery Barn or similar catalog will fit inside most of these pre-paid envelopes. Open to the middle pages and tear straight down the center. Then grab several pages at a time and fold neatly in thirds, pressing a nice thin crease. You can get the whole thing in there. Use tape to close it if you need to. But you’ve just boosted the US economy, and provided work for the US Postal Service, AND your junk mail pile is empty. It’s a creative alternative, and it feels like “stickin it to the man,” which even at my age feels kinda cool.

This week’s pile is rather small… last week there was a stack of about 10!

Okay, well, enjoy Superbowl Sunday. I plan (we will see…) to host a Google Hangout during the game for those of us who KNOW there are better things to do with a perfectly good Sunday afternoon. Hope to see you then! I will come back and post a link on tomorrow’s blog post for the hangout. Be prepared to sit in front of your computer and crochet, draw, bead, knit, or whatever it is you do, with a few new friends keeping you comfortable!

Nitey night!

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