Friday, February 10, 2012

Clean Something, Create Something

Everything in moderation, right? I can spend a whole day on a single chore (like cleaning out the refrigerator, dismantling the washing machine, shampooing the floor) and at the end of the day, I often can’t tell that I’ve done anything. I deep clean and the clutter on top stays. This is something I will be working on this year, as the buzz word this year seems to be “declutter.” You hear and see it everywhere. I have said it already – I am a hoarder. Nothing like you see on TV. But I just KNOW I’m going to have a use for every single little thing that comes along. My creative mind just wraps around it and envisions it as something useful, even something necessary! Which is why I have bins full of yarn, old blue jeans and t-shirts, and beads/buttons/jewelry parts.

I could also spend all day on a creative project and the house will just go untouched. It’ll be the end of the day, I’ll be elbow deep (or brain deep if it’s a digital project) in my craft, and thank GOD the kids can work the microwave so THEY can make ME something to eat.

Balance, right? I need balance. So. Every day, I’m going to clean something, and create something. In that order. Today it is the piles of junk mail and other papers needing going through, all over my creative work surfaces. You can BET that a lot of it got stuffed into credit card offer envelopes and is going to make its way back cross-country compliments of Discover’s postage account. Ha ha freaking ha. The rest of it went into the shredder, and will be put in the compost bin in the garden. The next time *I* see it, it will be helping my tomatoes grow up to be ketchup.

Now for create. I have a VISION. I have become enthralled with Vincent Van Gogh. There were a couple of “Dr. Who” episodes about him and then that Don McLean song got stuck in my head, and now I am just determined to make (1) a Starry Night altered bottle, which so far has gotten no further than part of 1 bottle being sanded. Can’t help it – it’s raining outside! I can’t wait until it dries back up and I can get ON with it already.

(2) I have this awesome idea for a necklace based on the same Van Gogh painting. Now, my Etsy store (which right now is comprised of 3 crocheted items), is kind of going to run on the idea that I’m going to make something for myself that I love, and then make another to sell. So for this new project, it meant that I needed to find TWO vintage brass moon brooches. Not new cheap stuff from China, but something old and classy, with a history. So how excited could I be to find someone who had TWO of these luscious babies? Do you know how hard it would have been to let go of one or the other had they been different? (that’s the hoarder in me speaking)

Here are some of my garage sale finds… can you see where I’m going with this?

So this is my “create something.” I’ve stared and imagined and pondered. I even cleaned something. Now it’s time to get down to brass tacks, and freaking CREATE!!

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