Monday, January 23, 2012

Hard Promises to Keep

Happy week-starting, world! Goodness, I spent yesterday fixing the blog (it has been glitching for a couple of weeks and I hadn’t had time to just sit and study on it), then wrote a whole post, and POOF… it disappeared. So, I walked away for a day. Remember this art journal page from last year’s Caravan? I think it was March’s quest… “Four-Word Self Help”

Sometimes, Just Walk Away!

Of course I’m doing this year’s Art Journal Caravan and have had great fun putting together pages with far-out words like “clandestine” and “propinquity.” This weekly prompt is what Tangie Baxter calls “grandiloquent wordography” and has me searching myself for words I either never use, or on the surface don’t relate to. But prompts do, by their very nature, cause you to dig deep and ponder, and voila! The idea comes.

Art Journal Caravan 2012

If you can’t read the writing, the left-hand side are lyrics to “Hard Promises to Keep” as sung by
Trisha Yearwood.

Hard Promises to Keep
I’m trying to believe in forever
I’m trying to believe in the little jewel box life we lead
Babe, I get so close sometimes
But all I really know is
I believe that we’ve been making hard promises to keep
You want me to believe in forever
Do you know how tight I’m holding
Just to keep my grip on yesterday?
I’m trying hard to see the pretty pictures that you paint for me
Do you know how tight I’m holding to hard promises to keep
Promises are like little diamonds
Promises are like little hearts
We meant to give away
I thought you’d want them back someday
I’ve kept them for you anyway
But I know when I’ve been given hard promises to keep

JOURNALING: Once upon a time, I was very unhappily married, but I’d had 1 divorce already and didn’t think I had strength for another. One day while listening to a new Trisha Yearwood tape, I heard this song and it really struck home. I kept the tape hidden in my car, and when I was alone I would play that 1 song over and over, crying and singing along. Eventually I did divorce him, and he was convinced it was another man who’d wooed me away… But I’d simply had a love affair with a song. It’s been my secret all these years.

The amazing thing about this whole process is that I had put this song out of my mind all these years (12? 13?) and back then I was always careful not to be caught listening to it, or humming it, because I know if my ex-husband found out what song it was, he’d go find it and then he would know. He would know that I’d almost had enough. Music always empowered me to do something…if he heard this he would know what I was building my strength up for.

Since making the page, I showed it to Paul and he went and found the song and we listened to it together, and I LOVE the song, now even more!! And I can play it, watch the video, even sing it! Out loud! Isn’t that amazing? And that’s why I am so devoted to art journaling.

Tomorrow, I hope to put another couple of rows on a Valentine’s Day scarf I’m making to list on Etsy, and to make teeny tiny little slice of bacon out of glass beads (no, really!), and to SIT DOWN AND WRITE A LETTER to my grandfather, who doesn’t want to talk on the phone but apparently makes the daily trek to the post office in town. So I’m going to send him pictures of his great-granddogs, and ask him if he will take me out and about Canyon Lake later in the week to some good picture-taking spots. I think that’s enough for one day… what’s on your agenda for the upcoming week?

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