Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sick. And Tired.

I guess it’s the combination of lack of rest and an overwhelming list of “to-do’s” before Christmas… added to weird weather and pollen in the air. But I’m getting a head cold, exactly 1 week before Christmas. Poo!
Friday night when I got off work, we got into Michael’s truck and headed to Waco for Brittany’s graduation the next day. We got in about 2 a.m., fell asleep in THE MOST comfortable beds, and woke up way to soon, so that we could have breakfast and heading to the stadium for the commencement ceremony.
Afterward (the afterward was VERY brief, ironically with very little “pomp and circumstance” on Brittany’s part. She had done what she set out to do, and now she wanted to pack up her stuff and get the heck out of Dodge. Or Waco. Same thing) we went to her apartment, her mom and her husband, Paul and I, Clint, and Jessica and Brian all filled our vehicles up to brimming over, and drove everything down to Austin to Clint’s apartment. Then, right at about 5 o’clock, we left Austin for San Antonio, but since I was driving I wanted to avoid 35. I HATE 35 in Austin. So we took back roads out to 281 back home. It was a WAY nicer trip and it was great to see Christmas lights in all the small towns we drove through.
Well as I said, I’m starting to come down with something, so I’m going to sign off. There are 6 days until Christmas. Realize I said “6 days” and not “6 shopping days”. There are so many important things to do, and I hope you and I get them done, and that your holidays are truly blessed. But, with as little shopping as possible! Less crap from Walmart, more hot cider and Christmas movies and tree decorating, and celebrating family traditions old and new.
Nitey nite! Tam

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