Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Past

Journaling: It never occurred to me to wonder how our firemen knew Santa Claus. They just did. And since we didn’t have snow, he asked them to give him a ride on their truck to see the boys and girls of Pleasanton. They brought him into the town square, and we all crowded around for our turn on his lap, to tell him our Christmas wishes. Before we hopped down, he gave us each a token gift to tide us over… out of a box labeled “feminine napkins.” ~~ Pleasanton, Texas 1973

It was someone else who pointed out the box label, because after nearly 40 years of looking at these pictures I’d never seen that before. What I really wonder now was, who played the Santa? Was it a resident of our little town, or someone who played Santa all over and had Pleasanton scheduled for that day?  I think I always knew that the traveling Santas were like, representatives of the really busy guy up at the North Pole.

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