Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweet November

Luckily, I’ve done nothing this week but try to get caught up, so next week I should have a clean slate!!

Last Friday was Veterans’ Day, and my son Daniel, who is in ROTC, finally got to wear his full uniform for the first time. Of course, this meant it had to be ironed, so I got to iron it. I told him he needs to learn how to iron if he’s going to wear a dress uniform every week. I don’t iron.

And we had tie-tying class?

I realize these pictures of Daniel with his uniform and the one with his dad have NO TIE! That must have been before he got it on? I'm just assuming. Anyway. 
Last night Michael brought Garrett home for the night. They do visitation differently these days – instead of 2 hours on Wednesday nights, dads can get Thursday after school until school the next morning. Since it’s Michael’s weekend with Garrett, he will pick him up after school today and drop him off next Monday. So basically, dads can have their kids 4 nights every other week. Isn’t that fantastic?  Garrett has show-and-tell at school today, and he had to bring something that started with the letter “I.” So we went through a children’s dictionary and found an igloo, and he and his daddy made one with Legos. Of course, it’s a square igloo, but we didn’t have time to think it through and plan (if only I’d saved those styrofoam blocks that came in a package recently! or remembered the packing popcorn stashed in the back of my closet for Christmas packages!) so it was a square igloo.

Garrett likes to play on the floor next to my desk. Last night he wanted to listen to what I was “doing with my foot” (I have a foot pedal, sort of like a sewing machine pedal, to play, fast-forward, or rewind what I’m listening to). He looked at me and made this face, and asked, “How come that man is talking so fast? That’s just silly.” Out of the mouths of babes! And look at that face!

Go have a wonderful Friday!

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