Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catching up part 3 -- Jessyca drives!

This was supposed to post yesterday, but there’s a learning curve here with WordPress. My dad would say “operator error,” and for the most part he’d be right. Anyway, here is yesterday’s post, today.
It’s another rainy morning here in San Antonio – so again I am thankful for rain. I know, it’s the same thing I was thankful for yesterday. But still. As I sit here checking my email and sipping my coffee, going through pictures I might post, the sky outside has gotten darker and darker. While Karen Carpenter singing “Rainy Days and Mondays” plays itself in my mind, I know that neither of those gets me down. I love Mondays – my day off. And rainy, thundery, windy days are my very favorite weather of all. Still… it’s an awesome song.

rainy day

rainy day 02

We had an exciting time – was it week before last? Or last week? It all runs together after awhile. Jessyca finished the first 6 hours of her driver’s ed course (Driver’s Ed in a Box, for parent-led driver’s education rather than attending a driving school, which would not work with our wacky schedules) and we went to Boerne, where she passed her written exam and received her learner’s permit!

Jessyca with her permit

There were actually a few days between receiving the permit and the actual first driving experience, due to the aforementioned wacky schedules and a few minor emergencies that presented themselves during the few gaps in wackiness. But finally we found a block of time, got out the tools and the pedal extenders we bought on our California trip, and started putting them on the car. At first I wanted her to do it herself, as it will be important for her to know how. But it was a complicated pain in the you-know-what and I ended up wrestling with it, tightening the screws with a hand wrench because the socket on the ratchet I had bought wasn’t long enough (deep socket for ratchet, check).

Mom with tools

student driver

Finally we got it together, and did some final seat adjusting and what have you, and there she was, my daughter behind the wheel.

jessyca driving 01

Jessyca driving 02

This is no small feat – no pun intended. And not just for her, but for me. I have always let her set her own limits, and let her decide “how tall she is.” When she was younger I had no doubts or fears, but as she’s gotten older, deep inside I worry and worry. And there’s the possibility that I might have the same worries even if she weren’t a Little Person. But I’ll never know that, because she is, and I worry.

Jessyca driving 03

But here she is, driving us around and around the rather large parking lot at the elementary school across the street from our house. We drove around until she got tired of driving, and then she pulled the car into a parking space exactly between the lines, which she did purely to show me up, because I can’t park worth a darn.

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