Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catching up part 2 -- Brittany's marriage proposal!!

Please note, all of these pictures were taken by Matt Hellman of the Baylor Lariat. Thank you SO MUCH, Matt, for taking and then sharing pictures of this great moment!!!

Last weekend my stepdaughter, who was in the Baylor Homecoming Parade as a court candidate, was proposed to by her boyfriend, Clint…in the middle of the parade.

 He stopped the car, pretended there was car trouble and propped up the hood, then made her come look. My understanding is that she didn’t know what he thought she could do about whatever the problem was… but she got out and looked anyway. With sweatpants and houseshoes under her dress, because it was a cold morning!

proposal 01

proposal 02

proposal 04

proposal 05

proposal 06

proposal 07

The proposal made the news (Clint just happened to stop the car right in front of the news cameras) and that night my phone was tweeting or twittering or chirping or whatever like CRAZY, as people finally figured out who “that guy” and “that girl in the parade that got proposed to” were and started adding “@” to their tweets. Awesomeness.

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