Friday, March 4, 2011

Did you miss me?

This week I have been going to work 1 hour earlier each day, because I am taking off on Saturday for my stepbrother’s wedding and my supervisor said I can’t miss any hours. That 1 hour has me completely screwed up. Only 6 more hours tomorrow and I can kiss work goodbye for 3 days. I don’t remember having a Saturday off in YEARS. Plus I’m going to Pleasanton, which I haven’t done since … um, Thanksgiving? I bet my mom could tell you days and hours. The fact that she won’t is how I can tell she’s not reading my blog. Bwahahaha!!
But anyway, that’s why I haven’t been posting. Because that 1 hour steals like 3 hours a day. I don’t know how that works. Also I’ve been uploading my picture stash to Photobucket, trying to clean off my hard drive. This has kept the computer tied up in knots trying to get everything to fit through the tubes.

Still makes me laugh.

So my photo journal for the last 2 days looks like this:
Here we go, jamming more stuff in those tubes, keeping other people’s personal internet all tied up with our streaming whatchamacallits. OMG…my spell check says whatchamacallit is a real word. Who knew?
 Wal-Mart. Someone has fallen and can’t get up.
It’s amazing to me that this young woman is my daughter, bravely pushing the shopping cart out to the truck. People think I’m a rude person taking pictures of the little person, but I’m actually a proud mom documenting things she’ll want to see later.
Our peach tree just broke out in blossoms. Paul says (and has been right every year) that right after it blossoms, we either have a late freeze or a hailstorm, either of which ruins the blossoms and we always end up with maybe 3 or 4 peaches. DELICIOUS peaches, juicy and sweet, but only about the size of a walnut.
While running errands we came across this little apartment/duplex neighborhood not to far from our home. We live about 2 or 3 miles from  UTSA so there are LOTS of apartment complexes going up. This one struck me as SO cute! I just HAD to go back to take pictures. Luckily for me, their security gates weren’t functioning yet so I got to just drive through and take pictures. Most of the streets were empty with bright red curbs, and parking only behind/between the rows of houses. The other streets only had parking on 1 side so there was still a cool view.
One of the places I went yesterday was Goodwill. I always like to shop there because you can find REALLY NICE, name-brand stuff, for very little. You just have to sort through the stained, frayed, moth-eaten things to find them. I’m willing. It’s like a treasure hunt.
Inspired by a link I stumbled upon to Project Restyle, I went in search of some way to revamp some gently used items, and along with myself. I have sunk into the “frumpy housewife” thing rather comfortably. Well this dress was going to get revamped, but the minute I put it on and walked out of the bathroom, Paul actually gave me a big grin and a thumbs-up (he was on the phone with AT&T at the time). So (1) wow, the dress is good as is, and (2) I was right, dressing up just a tad made him smile and that made me feel a little bit…lighter. I always say “this is what I weigh when I don’t smoke” but the truth is, I’m not HAPPY being overweight, just not motivated to do anything about it. Except maybe buy new clothes :) It’s funny how the dogs acted…like they’d never seen me in a dress before! And we had some AWESOME burgers cooked on the pit for dinner (so THIS won’t be the day I start my diet).
I do enjoy all the places were getting sent on our Art Journal Caravan. Of course I’m not done with February’s Adventure Quest (adjectives) and for March we are doing 4-word sentences … affirmations? Ways to simple happiness?  The idea is based on a book written by Patti Digh called Four-Word Self Help. As soon as I saw her site, I had to get the book. I picked it up at Barnes and Noble yesterday, and it’s been a nice little book to flip through in a quiet moment here and there. I love the artwork, supplied by her blog-readers to illustrate her 4-word quotes, and the quotes themselves have me thinking of my days in 4-word increments.

Clean just for fun.

Buy a new dress.

I hate my job.
and finally,

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